We Can All Make A Difference!

Life Is Unfair – How many times do we hear that? and yet we just accept it!  how often do we question the unfairness in society. I believe that we must all question those matters which are obviously to the detriment of sections of our society both nationally and worldwide. We must expect those that we put in a position of trust, to lead by example with truth, sincerity, empowered by a conviction of duty, serving those that they represent with honour.

Unfortunately, it appears to be a growing tendency that many leaders having acquired power put self-interest and party / religious politics first. Whether that is cutting aid and subsistence to those that desperately need it or to misappropriate donations and public funds towards projects that serve the few rather than the many. The results of which are clear for all of us to see. The powerful get richer whilst the poor get poorer. Public services and charitable organisations are suffocated by lack of funds; both of which exist to provide the basic fundamentals of life.  Greed is and has always been the downfall of civilisation, which in turn allows for the fragmentation of groups, societies and nations.

We see examples of further deterioration of civilisation when some leaders allow and even promote forms of segregation and hate based on racialism, religious faiths and even physical disabilities and yet little is said by those that they are meant to represent! How you may ask? take these general statements

 “All those unemployed and immigrants are Scroungers”  –

All Values of the West are Evil!” –

The East intends to destabilize the Financial Markets”  –

All Muslims share the views of I.S.I.S – So we should re-strict their movements” –

All Christians secretly empathise with the methods of the K.K.K.”  –

Anybody not born here should be put in camps and/or deported

You can read this sort of thing on Social Media and the general press almost daily ! They are all obviously untrue but are promoted and re-cycled repeatedly to create hate and unrest regardless of substance of truth.

Winston Churchill once said :-

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

No matter what your circumstances (they can change in a moment),  Remember those that you deride today could be your masters tomorrow, Consider the circumstances of others (even though it may appear remote to you), history has a habit of repeating itself – We ignore it at our peril.

We must learn from those that have gone before; that peace,compassion,  truth and justice for all is the only future that we should contemplate for our children. We must actively confine the past prejudices (handed down to us by our peers and forefathers) to history and endeavour to force those that are dishonest, confrontational and lacking personal integrity out of office. Your religious views (If any) will depend largely upon where you were born, but all the great teachers from those faiths and religions, along with those exceptional and unique leaders that subsequently have spoken; All had something in common; they observed the unfairness, the corruption and ignorance of the human condition and tried to influence us with defined wisdom and guidance to travel on a better life path. It matters not whether you are rich or poor to actively engage in living a decent civilised life. For those that do not believe in God then the message of love,tolerance and human code of conduct can only enhance and enrich your life. To respect all faiths, values and the human condition is to part of the human experience. To enforce one’s beliefs onto another is absolutely unacceptable and if force or violence is used in any form then that is against the code of acceptable human conduct as well as the teachings of all the prophets.

One of the many unique characteristics of human beings is that were given the dignity of choice! Whilst we may be persuaded to accept a particular point of view or situation, we are highly unlikely to ever accept a view or situation which has been forced upon us!

It is therefore, especially important to understand the meaning of freedom of choice along with its consequences. To educate our children to know and appreciate the value of of work and the rewards that it will inevitably bring; not just for themselves but for others around them. To know the difference between right and wrong, to experience love and recognise compassion; to equally hate evil and injustice wherever it raises its ugly head! To re-act in a civilised manner when measured justice is required. To take every opportunity to contribute the worlds resources as well as their own.


Here in the west, we have the privilege of voting in a democracy. However, I would urge everyone not to just listen to the popular rhetoric of the moment, but to research the candidates and their views. This is so easy to do these days with information being instantly and freely available on the internet. Check them out! – is what they are saying during the elections comparable with their past endeavours?  Perhaps if we all did that, we would have a better standard of politician / leader and then not be so disappointed when they fail us at a later date. If they are then subsequently caught out acting in their own self interests and are subject to any form of immorality then the constitution should allow for immediate removal from office and stripped of any honours and entitlements. To bring this about, you MUST vote, people died for the privilege that you now take for granted !


As a post war child I was shocked and disgusted to my stomach when I recently read the personal political manifesto of a western leader currently standing for election ! Its content was identical to that of Adolf Hitler’s manifesto in the late 1930’s . We all know where that led!  I gather his popularity has gained momentum because of his stance against ‘outsiders’ as well as certain groups within the country! The great worry is that similar things are being said in Europe and the Middle East. If he and his kind are subsequently elected, I am quite sure that people will be saying in the future – Its So Unfair ! It will certainly be a dark day for mankind!

The world is a much smaller place these days and we are better educated and informed than at any time in our history. In my humble opinion; we have as a result the ability to take control and make better, informed choices for ourselves,our children and our planet. Collectively, we have the power to truly create a world and society that is ‘fit for purpose’ to self determination,  a civilised world society!

So in conclusion, the next time you hear ‘Life Is Unfair’ or similar, remember that we all have the ability and power to change our society be it local, national or even globally ! Don’t just accept it and do nothing – Take action and do something about it !   Whether its with your children, at the next Election or supporting those in need. Your influence when aligned to others can become the most powerful voice in the world!

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