The Setting Of The Sail!- The Winds Of Change Are Coming!

Daily Disciplines Determine Destiny

Welcome back to the series “ Winds Of Change, As always I really appreciate your finding the time to join me; pushing aside those things that overwhelm and consume your passions; along with those niggly gremlins that continuously try to distract you from reaching your goals. I sincerely hope this finds you in good health with your hearts and minds open to the idea that by investing a little of your most valuable asset – TIME,

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You can be a leader, and stand out from the crowd

   Determined to achieve the lifestyle that you deserve!



Philosophy – So what is philosophy?

Simply Put – Your Philosophy is what you know!

It’s the encyclopaedic database of knowledge that’s stored in your brain, based on everything you have ever seen and heard; whether by life experiences, learned information or (more importantly) what and who you have been influenced by!

Has your philosophy served you well? – What has your philosophy contributed to your life?

Have you made your fortune and now enjoy a great lifestyle as a result?

If the answer is “Yes” then congratulations! You will already know the importance of expanding your knowledge and putting it to good use, allowing it to benefit others and your own future destiny. Please write to us and share your experiences!

If, however (putting self pride to one side) your answer is “No” or “Could be better” and your philosophy has had no real effect on your lifestyle or contributed to your fortunes; then I suggest you should examine in detail those errors that could really be costing you! – To obtain the ultimate prize of self-fulfilment and happiness you must evaluate the costs and apply corrective measures to ensure your success.

Get to know yourself!

Many of our ideas and values come from those influences that we experienced and learned at different stages of our lives. Our earliest influences would have been that of our parents, their views and values would be imprinted upon us. This was based upon our instinctive trust of their protection and judgement i.e. “Mother Knows Best” & “Father can fix it!!”  etc.

Whilst growing up our views and opinions expanded to include those of our teachers, and school friends. Interestingly, it is during these formative years that we start to take on the unwelcome prejudices that are based upon our perceived acceptance into social integration.

The juvenile brain does not differentiate between what is factually ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but tends to assimilate to what is a common or popular viewpoint; Unless it is otherwise corrected! (either by a parent or person in authority), and that still does not guarantee that it is valid, factual or truthful.

Having completed our formal education, we then endeavour to become part of an ever changing society and tend to continue our learning from the University of Life; forming personal and workplace relationships, committing ourselves (either willingly or unwillingly) to achieving our personal agendas and continuously chase down our own goals. All the while being further influenced by the media, politicians, religious leaders, colleagues, family and of course our friends!

This process will continue throughout your life’s journey unless: –
YOU determine to CHANGE it! – Be a Leader NOT a Follower!


You will know instinctively whether you have the skills to change the basis of your current philosophy and whether or not you are in a confident position to begin to change your thinking processes. Allow yourself to fashion a plan that carries you forward and beyond the horizons of your own perceived limitations.

Never stop educating yourself! As John Earl Shoaff (Jim Rhon’s Mentor) once said

“If you want to be wealthy and healthy, you must learn this lesson: Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on you job.”

As I have mentioned before, in this generation of the internet and smart devices there is absolutely no reason why you cannot access the information you need to further your education and broaden your skill set. No matter what your particular field of interest.

Web based coaching, practical video and home based formal educational courses are all available; some which are partnered with dedicated learning centres and institutions. Most of which are very competitively priced (The equivalent of a couple of fizzy drinks a day) or even free. There are absolutely 100’s of 1000’s of free articles and videos on-line covering just about any subject you could imagine.


This is on top of your local library and local educational centres which offer everything from part-time evening beginner courses to full-time day courses with relevant qualifications.

Don’t be one of the crowd, copying your friends and colleagues and repeating the same life choices and routines (and mistakes) day after day, year after year. Be your own self-appointed leader and lift yourself up – reach out and grasp the opportunities that exist. Those opportunities that have previously passed you by without you even realising it and of course those opportunities that either self-doubt or peer pressure has persuaded you to dismiss.

 Make time! As I have previously stated ‘Time’ is your most valuable asset so ensure you use it wisely and to its fullest capacity. If you need an hour a day for your study, then find it! Cut down on watching television, most Britons believe they watch TV for up to a couple of hours a day the official statistics show however that they watch TV on average of 30 HOURS a week!

A point to ponder on!

What was the cost of your last TV – £300, £500 or more?

How much did it actually cost you in terms of lost income, lost time and lost opportunity?

The average Briton has on average four Social Media accounts (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.) spending around 14 HOURS a week on the internet of which Social Media accounts for around 63% (figures differ according to sex and age). Worryingly, did you know that the average British teenager spends an average of 27 hours a week on Internet activity?

Leisure Time which includes Internet shopping, Video games, sport and social activities contributes a further 11 HOURS per week!

Squeeze that time of the day considered as ‘Me Time’ i.e. First thing in the morning – Before the children get up, after walking the dog, after the evening meal or before bedtime. Whenever, you normally relax undisturbed. Let’s assume 20 minutes or so a day that is another 2:30 HOURS per week!


Consider your sleep routine, I know people who sleep far more than the recommended guidelines and interestingly many of them complain that they don’t sleep well or don’t feel as if they have had enough sleep!

Most adults can sleep one hour less per day without any adverse effects. I am not advocating for one moment that you should put your health and well-being at risk by not following the recommended guidelines. Just sleep when you need to NOT because you CAN! That’s potentially another 7 HOURS minimum.


Assuming you are Mr or Mrs British Average. The times allocated to the various activities add up to an amazing total of 64.5 HOURS of available recreational time per week!

Now without being unreasonable, let’s go for around a 1/3rd of that –  just 20 Hours per week!

20 Hours a week will allow anybody with the commitment and drive to succeed in achieving their dreams and goals. From a basic foundation or beginners course to a professional status.

10 Hours a week can allow anybody to achieve exactly the same thing – it will take twice the amount of time but you need to ask yourself

 “How badly do I want this?”

“Where can I be in 10 years’ time if I invest in me now?”

“How will that affect me and those around me?”

I know that everybody is different and your specific use of time is not as black and white as inferred above. You may not watch TV at all, you may prefer watching Frogs Jumping or looking up at the sky and imagining different shapes and images. The point is however, that we all have time; it’s just a case of how we choose to use it. If you are truly interested in self-development to better yourself or increase your financial potential and stand out from the crowd, then you need to commit your time to its fullest and most productive capacity.

Sports Idols, just don’t dream about their goals and manage a couple of hours practice every week. They commit every spare minute to their sport for months and even years – working it around their work and family commitments. That’s what it takes to stand on the winner’s podium.

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In my next blog in the series Winds Of Change’ We will take another few steps together and take a look at what other factors contribute to our personality and what it is that makes us tick; Why we think and act the way we do, and set about making changes that will benefit us in our unique life’s journey.

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