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Well, here I am, its already half way into January 2016 at the beginning of my new  journey ! Thank you for taking the time to join me, I do appreciate it and would love to hear your comments!

I think my family and friends will be wondering exactly why and how I came to this particular point in my life. I must confess life is very different to what I envisaged when I was 18, 25, 33, 46, 55 and today approaching my 64th birthday – what will the future look like? We all have an idea of what we would like to have and achieve at a later point in our lives, but most of us do not take into account the countless variables which will affect our lives. Whether they are Health, Financial, Career or Relationship issues, they all take their toll on our plans. What most people do is to hope, wish and dream. Hope that they can achieve the job / partner they love and Wish they can earn the kind of wage they believe they deserve and of course Dream about their ambitions, aspirations and winning the lottery!

The truth is that unless we are one of the so-called ‘Lucky’ ones, none of that is actually going to happen without some kind of life plan. We are not taught this way as the great Jim Rohn once said “You were sold  the wrong plan”  Now that’s not our fault. We went to school, some went onto College a select few went onto University! We did the best we could despite the distractions, changes of government policies, curriculums, ineffective teachers, peer influences and changing marketplace.

Here in the U.K. my generation were told work hard at school, get a good job (For Life!), buy a house, have a family then be contented! In the 1950’s and 60’s.We were told Science was going solve all our needs. Free Electricity, Cheap Food, Automated Manufacturing, Space Travel. To control our own future was virtually guaranteed!

I don’t think I need to explain here why that was such a misguided and foolish viewpoint, and why we should not be surprised at the hardship and misery that subsequently followed. Yes there were those that took advantage of the changes. Life couldn’t have been better if you were in the Financial Sectors or Hi-Tech industries. However, if you were a Coalface Operator, Steel Worker, Ship builder or worked in a traditional Car assembly Plant life was far from great.

In addition, if you had not passed the compulsory 11+examination, didn’t get an apprenticeship and didn’t earn enough to buy your own house, then you were deemed a ‘failure’ by your peers and worse still that became the basis of your own philosophy. You felt you were not good enough and so settled for whatever came along and like so many others lived day to day. Month to Month and Year to Year!

The ‘System ‘turned out 1000’s of educated young people trained for jobs that either no longer existed or would completely disappear within a decade. Apprenticeships all but vanished, and whole industries collapsed. The ‘Knock On’ effect was felt right across the spectrum of suppliers and associated manufacturers. It was not your fault that your life would have changed significantly. Your education would in most cases not have prepared you for those dramatic changes. Having control over your own destiny was not an option for the majority.

What a life! It doesn’t take much imagination to see how that would have affected not only your aspirations but your personal relationships as well.  It was no wonder that divorce rates started to rocket from the 1970’s, Personal debt’s rose to levels never before seen and Mental and Physical Health Issues have continued to deteriorate. Obesity and Mental Health issues here in the U.K. have now reached crisis levels  placing almost unsustainable pressures on the N.H.S. (National Health Service).

So should we all just give up, continue to accept our lot in life? I believe the answer is a resounding NO! – Just because we didn’t all get the right information and the so-called ‘breaks’ (that always seemed to be reserved for others) It is simply NOT an excuse not to re-evaluate our lives and take ACTION to change our destiny. I know beyond all doubt that this is possible for ALL Human Beings to achieve – regardless of their past, present situations, age, sex or background.

Human Beings are absolutely unique! I am quite aware that we can’t fly, or that we can’t run as fast as a Cheetah, neither can we breathe under water like fish!  BUT we can communicate, we can influence, we can make choices. All these aspects can greatly affect not just our own life and the lives of others but also that of our environment and this planet for which we are responsible. We have the unique ability to adapt and change, we can re-locate and take advantage of opportunities, avoid pitfalls and empower ourselves to shape our own destiny resulting in a future that could be so much richer not just for ourselves and our families but our friends and children. Just imagine if we were all to do this collectively, what an amazing and magnificent world we would be able to create!

I can already hear the critics saying “ I have enough to do!” – I don’t have time” – “I wouldn’t know how” – “Im not clever enough” – “Whats in it for me” – “ I cant afford it” and so on and so on!

With respect, these are all excuses! I know it and furthermore you know it! You will notice all the reasons centre around the word  “I” Now replace it with “WE” do those excuses still work ?  – NO!

“ If you believe you can’t or won’t then that is true, however, if you believe you can and should then that is also true – You are right either way !” quotation repeated from

Ayd Instone’s 7 Keys To Creative Genius

Just on the subject of time (which I will cover in depth at a later date) John Thornhill, one of Britains most successful Internet Entrepreneurs and joint creator of the PartnershipToSuccess  program along with Dave Nicholson gets very, very animated with his view on those that use the “I don’t have time as a reason for failure to take action. If you get a chance to listen, I would really recommend it. In summary, he say’s you evaluate your need to achieve your goals and then let no obstacle stand in your way! and if necessary cut down on your sleep!

John was an operative in a car factory – now one of Britain’s biggest business success stories John did what he had to do to change his life. He wasn’t lucky, wasn’t in the ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time, didn’t have any Capital in fact didn’t even have a product! He did what he needed to do and worked hard at his own self development and empowered himself to achieve the future he designed for himself!

John was not alone in his endeavours; there are many examples of well known successful people which we could refer to from all cultures, backgrounds with different goals and objectives. However, they do share certain characteristics. They applied consistent action, didn’t let anything stand in their way, picked themselves up when they experienced failures, took risks but probably the single most important characteristic is they have willingly shared and taught their success to others. The Gift of Giving!  –  On John Thornhill’s recommendation I recently read the book The Go-Giver from Bob Burg & John David Mann. If ever there was a ‘Secret to Success’ then this unassuming little book is it! I definitely would recommend adding this to your research material.

Well that’s about it for this month, I hope in my next blog, to begin to demonstrate just how anyone can take the first steps in changing their lives and destiny forever!

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