Preparing The Vessel – The Winds Of Change Are Coming!

Welcome to my blog; in particular those of you that have recently subscribed. Thank you for taking the time to join me, I do appreciate your finding the time, I know that it can be quite difficult for some of you. I sincerely hope this finds you all in good health with your hearts and minds open to the idea that by investing a little of your time, you really can be whatever you wish to be!

So where do we start to make those vital changes that are essential for our journey on the road to self development? The answer is simple; it can only start with a detailed examination of us! Just as if we were preparing for a great ocean journey we would want to ensure the ship was in first class order and seaworthy. It is therefore of the utmost importance when carrying out an evaluation of ourselves that we are absolutely honest and truthful with ourselves. To commence any journey unprepared would be stupid; surely we would not be that naive.

We need to evaluate who we really are as an individual, this is called Self- Interest. Not to be confused with Selfishness! It has to be Enlightened Self Interest. Selfishness does not benefit Self- Interest it actually acts against it!

Survival & Success; All human beings have the instinct of Survival built into them. Whilst it originated as being the difference between life or death situations; Within the modern context (Particularly if you live in an affluent society such as in the U.K.) it means that you have at least secured an income which allows you to eat, clothe yourself, and provide a roof over your head (plus the odd luxury such as a meal at a restaurant or a trip to the seaside).

Success, of which there are varying degrees, means that you have exceeded more than the basic need to survive. If you happen to be married or have a life partner and children or pets, then you have certainly met with the basic criteria, as you have generated more income than you need personally and are able to use the excess to provide the basics for your dependants.

So how do we begin to record where we are right now and start to consider how we implement the changes needed for us to fulfil or our life’s desires? – We write them down! Now I know from personal experience that it can be very difficult to achieve this mindset, especially if you view it a chore. But trust me when I say that all the most successful people I have ever known keep their own diaries/journals. It is probably one of the most important habits that you should develop.

Some things are definitely better written down. Regardless of how good your memory is; humans have a tendency to mentally abbreviate information. Whilst the magic and power of the written word causes us to soak up the information like a sponge, it allows us to visualise and expand upon beyond what is actually written down. It triggers our imagination, evokes emotion and can even act as a trigger for creativity.

Therefore, your first task is to ensure that you keep a Journal.  – To keep a record of what you plan to do, what you have achieved, what setbacks you encounter (Which I can promise you there undoubtedly will be!) any and all ideas that have come to you and what actions you have taken. It may not immediately be obvious, but the benefits that you will gain in the future will be truly amazing.

Journal’s do not have to be expensive (A simple wired notebook will do initially) really good ones are available in any design that suits you on internet sites such as EBay or Amazon. Or alternatively you can make one. Your Journal will act as a planner, diary, notebook and almanac, so keep it safe!

I would suggest that you write out a list of things that you consider have contributed to your life so far.

What are Your ‘Good’ Points? –  How have they helped you and others?

What Skills do you have? – How do they serve you and others?

What are your ‘Bad’ points? – How have they affected you and others?

What Skills don’t you have? – How has that affected your life and those around you?

How Emotional are you? – How does that affect your life at Work – At Home or with friends?

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one, lost of a job, had a serious personal injury or had adverse health issue’s etc… ? – How have these events affected you and those around you?

What is the condition of your Physical / Mental Health? – How has that affected you and those around you?

What is your Lifestyle like? – Is it what you would like it to be?

What is your perception of yourself? – How do others perceive you?

Once you have completed the list, ask those that are closest to you for their truthful opinion of you based upon the questions above!

Note: be careful to keep your own answers private and consider the comments carefully and objectively. Some answers will be phrased in such a way as to be inoffensive!  Others may be the exact opposite and or phrased to be amusing, sarcastic or cynical. Others of course may just love you and are ultra careful in their reply’s.

Were there differences? Is their perception the same as yours? – It can be a little like looking in a mirror; what we see and how we imagine we are seen can be markedly different to what you may have previously thought.

Having drawn your conclusions you may reason (As I did) that in order to commit to a new beginning and take the first steps along a new life path, there is the need to make some changes. That is not to say that you have to be fixated upon a certain path, i.e. when N.A.S.A. sends a spacecraft to Mars, mid course corrections are vital for the success of the mission. You can with (a reasonable degree of flexibility), design a life-plan of your own making. A plan that will allow you access to life’s true riches. As time passes it will become clear how those changes will enhance your life and those closest to you; way beyond your wildest expectations.

In order to assist you and guide your progress, I would strongly recommend that you seek the help and knowledge of those that have trodden the same enlightened path, allowing you to learn and benefit from their unique experiences. Information today is freely available at your local library or the internet.”You Tube” and “Wikipedia” are amazing resources. Search them out! – A great man once said Searching is reserved for those that deserve NOT those that need!”

It can be quite an eye-opener to learn the stories of those celebrities that have achieved fame and fortune despite their failures, and often over- coming what seemed at the time insurmountable odds!

So obtain and organise your journal, carry it with you at all times and write down everything that you do and feel. If you cannot write it down immediately then do it at the first available opportunity.

Who did you meet? – what did you talk about ? – Was it worthwhile?

Where did you go? – What was it like? – How did it affect you?

Did it give you any ideas, did anybody suggest something that interested you (Good or Bad).

What was the most remarkable or memorable thing you experienced at the end of the day.

Was there some news which affected you emotionally ?

Take time at the end of each day to reflect on the day, and comment on it in your journal. Make it one of your daily disciplines! – Remember in my previous blog I said

“Daily Disciplines Determine Destiny!”

For a few minutes each day, identify a quiet place that you can be alone and free of distractions (like the phone, TV, and family), it may appear difficult to begin with, but you will be truly amazed when you start to see the difference those few minutes will make.

Reflection is an important method in learning to observe and consider the productivity of the day. It will demonstrate to you where you are achieving your goals and more importantly where you have been inefficient with your time or worse wasted it completely. Time (Not Money) is your most valuable asset; you must learn not to waste it. Ignorance is NOT Bliss! It is destructive and it holds you back from your potential!

You will start to notice that whereby previously each day appeared pretty much the same as the next, your journal will begin to show otherwise, your journal will reflect your self-development!

Consider carefully your alone time (Sometimes referred to as ‘Me time’). The objective is to shut out distractions and apply your thoughts and considerations, NOT to shut you IN; this can lead to unhealthy consequences. Your emotional state and mood can greatly affect not just your productivity but your overall mental well being.

The same process of reflection should be done at the end of each month and finally at the end of each year! Can you imagine as you progress through this year how interesting it will be to look back and compare!

I hope that the above has elevated your levels of curiosity and persuaded you to take action and seek out the opportunities – After all what have you got to lose? It is my sincere wish to share my experiences and the teachings of others to allow you to improve your life-style and assist you on your unique journey.

Next time, we will take another few steps together, and with the benefit of the results of this week’s task, you will be able to look at what it is that you want for yourself, this year, next year and in the decades to come. What exactly are your desires and ambitions for yourself and others?

Thank you once again for joining me today and I really would appreciate your observations, so please do comment, add a review or email me personally at

Thank you to those that have already commented and emailed, and please do tell those friends that you think may benefit from the information !

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