Preparing The Vessel (Part Two) – The Winds Of Change Are Coming!

Welcome to my blog, I do appreciate your finding the time; pushing aside those things that overwhelm and consume your passions; those gremlins that distract you from reaching your goals. I sincerely hope this finds you in good health with your hearts and minds open to the idea that by investing a little of your most valuable asset – TIME, you really can be whatever you wish to be!

Daily Disciplines Determine Destiny

To reflect on the last blog in the series Winds Of Change’ . How did you get on?

If you didn’t get the time; then go back and do it now! Never place yourself in the unenviable position of looking back and sincerely regretting what might have been!  – I can absolutely assure you that in order toChange Your Life, You Have To Change Your Thinking !and you must actively empower yourself to overcoming all the barriers and obstacles that daily life will present.

Congratulations if you have taken the decision to start your journal and take the actions needed to commence the revitalisation of your life! It is a massive major first step on your journey towards the fulfilment of your dreams and aspirations.

Did you ask the questions? Did you do the preparation tasks and look closely at the  written results. I know that some aspects will have surprised you and given you food for thought. I hope that you were excited (As I was) about the endless possibilities/opportunities that began to reveal themselves to you.

By committing yourself to your Daily Disciplines; the paragraphs in your journal will quickly fill the pages that will become the thrilling chapters in this absolutely unique book of your life and your ultimate destiny.

As ideas begin to flow from you (Remembering to record them in your Journal) you will begin to experience positive feelings of “I Can Do This” – maybe not yesterday but knowing with absolute certainty that today and tomorrow you really can start to achieve your goals. Incidentally, medical research has shown that those that are at peace with themselves and have a positive outlook on life are less likely to suffer from stress and the associated medical diseases / ailments that accompany a stressful lifestyle. So here’s one for the Self-Interest benefit that I have mentioned previously – Your well-being is of paramount importance to you and those around you; Your vitality contributes to your opportunity!


Self-Esteem like Enlightened Self Interest is fundamental as a base point in analysing our inner confidence and self-worth. To be true to one’s self lays the foundation of personal integrity and well-being.

Your level of self-esteem will be part your personality, based upon your view of yourself. This is usually the result of your own observations and the influences of others. i.e.” I was always terrible at mathematics; I can’t divide 9 by 3!”And the Manager at work told me “I’m useless” – An apparent reinforcement of your view! This is recorded logically in that part of your brain which stores data like the hard drive on your computer (the left hemisphere). Most people will continue to believe their conclusions without ever or seldom questioning it.

The good news is you CAN question it and you can CHANGE it! I am sure we have all heard how someone that used to behave badly apparently ‘turned themselves around’ and became a pillar of society and much admired. Sometimes this is a result of the intervention of another person or a significant incident or even self-empowerment! A teacher can make a huge difference to a pupil with a single word of encouragement or criticism. A friend can alter another’s outlook on their life with a considered act of kindness or the use of self-affirmation (under the right circumstances) can also produce amazing results.

A quick note here on Self Affirmation – It MUST always be truthful and factual!

I am sure you have heard the Affirmation “Every Day in Every Way I’m Getting Better and Better” – If that’s not True then no amount of saying it will ever make it come true!

“Today I will learn more about….”

 “This Month I will work on my plan for the future “

These affirmations are more likely to work as you are taking the necessary action required.

A fascinating point I learned from Ayd Instone’s book 7 Keys To Creative Genius is that to use self-affirmation’s productively; It must be done for 21 days, twice a day. That is the length of time it takes for the Human brain to change or alter the previously held beliefs. Not 19 or 20 days and if you miss one you have to start again! Isn’t that interesting! I have read lots of articles on affirmations and nobody had ever told me that. It does work if done properly and is a truthful and factual statement.

So let’s find out about you!

Stand up right now !

Take a deep breath and say out loud I’m Amazing, I really like ME!”

Did you do it -? Were you embarrassed! Did the little voice in your head say “I’m NOT doing that?”  Try it again when you are alone, still can’t do it? That’s probably because you don’t believe it. Your brain has been programmed over your lifetime and rejects information that does not comply with the data it has previously collected and stored. You may have to some extent, an issue with your self-image but don’t be overly concerned – most of us do!  Self-Image affects our self-confidence which in turn affects our attitude and therefore our well-being. So as part of your new path to enlightened self-development, for the next 21 days, first thing in the morning and last thing at night; Look at yourself in the mirror – eyeball to eyeball and say “I REALLY like Me” – Don’t forget if you miss one then you have to start again; Remember Daily Disciplines Determine Destiny!

I sincerely hope that you give consideration to exploring the depths of your current situation and lifestyle and endeavour to set out a plan of action (of your own design) taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to you. Opportunities are present to everyone throughout their lives however, the sad fact is that most people let them pass by unnoticed! sometimes because they are too wrapped up in their confined lifestyle and more often because they just don’t recognise and explore the possibilities, consequently missing the opportunities when they do come along. Whether your goal is to make your fortune in business or to develop your life skills and fulfil your dreams. Time is your most valuable asset so don’t waste it and make your plan work for you – Now!

In my next blog in the series Winds Of Change’ incorporating the benefits / results of the tasks you have already completed; We will take another few steps together and take a look at exactly what it is that makes us tick. Why we think and act the way we do, and how we can set about making changes that will benefit us in our unique life’s journey.

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Until Next Time…..


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