I was born in 1952 in Alexandria,Scotland. Moving to England with my parents whilst still a toddler. I was educated in Essex, leaving school in 1967 aged 15 having achieved little academically. I then applied and was subsequently accepted into the British Merchant Navy but was  disappointingly  laid off due to the major constriction of that organisation. I subsequently re-located  to West Sussex spending most of my early career in Retail.

In the early 1980’s, I was working at a large Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturer as a Costing Clerk when I was introduced to the ‘Computer Dept’. Now this department covered about 250 square meters of air-conditioned space which housed 6 computers, 5 data entry operators, and a couple of white-coated technicians. The operators would feed the information in, produce the binary punch cards which were then fed into the computers to produce technical data spec sheets and management reports. All this could probably be done on a couple of pc’s today !

Well and truly bitten by the bug, I managed to brow beat the Head Of Operations to let me sit the recognised ICL course which I passed (Binary recognition along with the obligatory Ink Blot image explanation). These were very exciting times with the advent of Home Computers such as Dragon 32, Commodore & Sinclair. A friend from a nearby factory who had studied Computer sciences suggested we set up our own Business Computer supply company with the U.S.P of selling them with software (Mainly Word Processing & Accounts software). There were no Apps / Programs generally available then ! Machines came with the Disk Operating System (CPM and PcDOS) a 10mb hard disk and that was it. Average sale price to the End User was in the region of £15k which included 7 days training !  Although initially successful, the rise of High Street Computer shops offering cheap machines with low profit margins put paid to many consultative business’s – including ours.

After drifting from Retailers to Corporate Direct Sales which incorporated the usual expectations of O.T.E’s, Company Car and ceaseless K.P.I’s. I finally managed to make Senior Accounts Manager with a global office supplies company in the beautiful County of Northamptonshire. Supplementing my salary and ego with MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) products). My income and lifestyle was pretty good.

In around 2010, I discovered  Ebay and something called PLR and had decided to try my hand as an Internet marketer. Making all of the common mistakes i.e. buying everything available on sight, never focussing on any one product or market coupled with the dreaded disease of Procrastination!

Then in 2011 all my lifestyle choices disappeared overnight!  Whilst attending yet another sales meeting after a weekend conference for the current MLM product, I hit the deck – literally !

I had suffered a mini-stroke, which took a while to diagnose.  I eventually discovered that I had contracted a form of Vasculitis and that I possibly would not survive more than 12 months.. My life changed forever that day in so many ways. After one year of treatment, I was almost 4 Stone overweight (Due to taking Steroids and other drugs on a daily basis) I had no Savings left and my job had come to an end. I was suffering with depression which I managed to hide from just about everyone.

In 2014, I took the decision that I was going to change my life. There is a saying “You can’t Change Your Life If You Don’t Change Your Thinking “. So I stopped worrying about what I couldn’t do and what I didn’t have and began taking action – my new journey of life ( My second Chance ).

I began to lose weight, and  worked for a time in the ‘caring profession’ which really taught me about how lucky I am and how much I enjoyed contributing to other people’s lives in a positive way. I found that the more I could give the better my own life became. I even wrote a book (principally for friends and family) on dealing with panic attacks, G.A.D and other Stress related illnesses.  Don’t misunderstand me, life is not perfect and is still a struggle at times – but that is normal for most people. Whether you are rich or poor!

Along with losing the 4 stone in weight, I began to get a little fitter over time and achieved one of my goals by walking the stunning Northumberland coast – a distance of 66 miles.

I took note of good advice and managed to get a relatively stress free job – driving for a local agency. This has given me the time and clarity to revisit my aim of being a successful Internet Marketer.  The goal is not about making more money than I actually need, but to use that platform to provide help and assistance to those that truly need and deserve it.

Just over 12 months ago my prognosis was ‘Stable’ and last month I was informed that my illness was in ‘Full Remission’. Whilst I know that my condition can never be cured, I actively try to stay positive and make every effort to maximise the potential value that I know my life has.

In the coming months, I intend to re-engineer  those products which I have invested in to make them the best they can be and provide ultimate value to all of my clients.

Of course, I now recognise that I am unable to achieve this alone and for that reason have enlisted the guidance of my business friends and support of my family without whose love I know I couldn’t have made it even this far. I wish my readers and followers every success in their ventures and look forward to sharing our achievements.

All of us are in like a little sailboat, and it’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination. It’s the set of the sail. – Jim Rohn.