Monthly Archives: March 2016

Don’t Shout! – I Love You!

Relationships are precious and you should do all you can to protect and cherish them. Whether its with your children, partner or close friends. Never assume that it’s OK to for you to put their feelings to one side in favour of your own misplaced mindset. As the saying goes ” You may win the…

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We Can All Make A Difference!

Life Is Unfair – How many times do we hear that? and yet we just accept it!  how often do we question the unfairness in society. I believe that we must all question those matters which are obviously to the detriment of sections of our society both nationally and worldwide. We must expect those that…

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Preparing The Vessel – The Winds Of Change Are Coming!

Welcome to my blog; in particular those of you that have recently subscribed. Thank you for taking the time to join me, I do appreciate your finding the time, I know that it can be quite difficult for some of you. I sincerely hope this finds you all in good health with your hearts and…

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